Acidity is the result of the formation of abnormally high levels of gastric juices in the stomach. The secretion of gastric juices also leads to a common condition known as heartburn.


  • Burning sensation or pain in the stomach
  • Sourness in the mouth
  • Heartburn
  • Dyspepsia       


  • Avoid coffee, alcohol, pickles and spicy food.
  • Regulate diet.
  • Destress by meditating and practicing Yoga for relaxation.
  • Drink up to three liters of water everyday.

You May Try:   
Himcocid is an effective antacid, non-aluminum, herbomineral medicine with no side effects.
Yashtimadhu helps in reducing acidity.
Gasex acts as a natural digestive by enhancing bile secretion and digestive enzyme stimulation.